5 Things To Consider Before Tiling Your Home

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Installing tiles can open up your home, create a sense of flow, cool down your home during summer, create points of interest with patterns and colours, and overall contribute to the interior design style of your home. But before you begin, it is important to understand what is involved in the process of tiling, and what tools and knowledge are needed to achieve a professional result.

Here are 5 things to consider before tiling your home:

Tile Choice

The first thing that you need to consider is what tiles you would like to use in the space. Although this seems like an easy step, several things need to be taken into consideration, including the size, colour, style and finish of the tiles, the size and location of the space you are intending to tile, and the existing style of your home. These choices will affect the end result; for example, large tiles can make a smaller space look bigger, patterned tiles are best used as features or inserts, and textured tiles can be harder to clean, so it is best not to use them in areas such as kitchen splashbacks.

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Substrate Preparation

The second thing to consider before tiling your home is the substrate that you are intending to lay tiles upon. Although tiles can be successfully laid upon most types of substrate, including concrete, timber flooring, mortar, brickwork, cement render, plaster, brickwork and existing tiles, each type requires a specific method of preparation to ensure adhesion of the new tiles. Furthermore, each type of substrate has its own rates of moisture absorption, expansion and contraction, and stability.

Regardless of the type of substrate, all surfaces should be dry, clean and free of any coatings, including paint, polish, lacquer or sealers, before you begin tiling.

Correct Equipment

Perhaps the most important thing to consider before tiling your home is whether you have access to the proper equipment. Having the right tool for the job matters, particularly if you want a professional and lasting result. There are several tools used when laying tiles which you should consider hiring or buying before you begin your tiling project, including a laser level, tile nipper, grout sponge, tile drill, grout spreader and tile cutter. Depending on the location of the space you wish to tile, you will also need to purchase adhesive, primer and waterproofing products.

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Time and Budget

Other factors to take into account before beginning your tiling project are time and budget. Tiling is a time consuming process, with at least 24 hours needed for the adhesive to set before grouting, as well as the amount of time spent preparing, cutting, laying and fixing any mistakes. Depending on the location of the space you are tiling, weather can also become a factor, particularly the threat of water penetration, which can slow down the process even further.

You should also work out the budget for your tiling project before you begin, allowing for the purchase of tiles and tools, and flexible enough to deal with any issues that may arise during the process.

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DIY Experience

The final thing to consider before tiling your home is whether to do the project yourself or call in the professionals. Although it is possible to tile your home yourself, having previous DIY experience is useful to help you avoid common mistakes and achieve the desired result. If this is your first time tiling, it may be a good idea to practice in lesser used areas, such as guest bathrooms or basements, and hire professionals to lay tiles in entertaining and high-traffic areas, particularly bathrooms.

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