Useful Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

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One room which is rapidly becoming a major selling point in the Sydney property market is the bathroom. Choosing to use tiles in your bathroom can help increase the value of your home, as well as create a functional, aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain space for you and your family to enjoy.

This month, we present some useful tips for choosing tiles for your bathroom:


Our first tip for choosing bathroom tiles is to work out the budget for your tiling project. Some types of tiles are more cost-effective than others. Depending on the budget that you have allocated, certain materials such as marble may be too costly to use in your bathroom. Once you have a comprehensive budget in place, you will be able to narrow down the styles and types of tiles available within your price range and begin designing the perfect bathroom for your home. If you have your heart set on a specific type of tile which is too expensive for your budget, you can always add it as a feature or accent tile and choose a more cost-effective option for your floor tiles.

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Our second tip for choosing the right bathroom tiles for your home is to take the size of the space into account. Depending on the dimensions of your bathroom, a specific size or style of tile can help the space appear larger and brighter. Choosing large tiles for the floor will create the effect of more space, especially if the floor and wall tiles are similar or complementary shades. To make your bathroom brighter, select tiles with a glossy finish which will reflect light around the room. This is particularly useful for homes or apartments with less access to natural light.

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Another thing to consider when choosing bathroom tiles is colour. The colour of tiles that you choose will affect the perceived size and atmosphere of your bathroom. A lighter shade of tile will reflect light around the room and make the space appear larger and more airy, compared to a darker shade of tile which will create a cozier and moody atmosphere. Patterned or mosaic tiles are another effective way to inject colour and interest into your bathroom, and are often used as accent tiles to draw the eye. Make sure that you take the colour of your tile grout into consideration when designing your bathroom. A dark grout will emphasise tile patterns and create texture, while a brightly coloured grout can add a unique look to an all-white bathroom and a light grout will create a harmonious effect throughout the room.

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The finish you choose for your bathroom tiles is also an important decision. As mentioned above, a gloss finish will help your tiles reflect light, while a matt finish will allow the texture of the tile to be highlighted. If you are designing a bathroom in neutral shades using the same tile, using a gloss finish on the wall tiles and a matt finish on the floor tiles is an easy way to create a slightly different look while maintaining a cohesive design style. Matt finish tiles are also more slip-resistant, which is an important design feature for a wet area such as a bathroom.

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Maintenance Level

Our final tip for choosing bathroom tiles is to consider the maintenance level of the tiles. It is always best to seal tiles so that moisture cannot penetrate the grout or tile surface. Certain types of tile such as natural stone are more durable and age better than others, which could be a deciding factor in your bathroom design. Choosing larger tiles will result in fewer grout lines, making the task of cleaning your bathroom more efficient. Tiles are also easier to clean and maintain than other types of surfaces, meaning that they can easily be incorporated into your existing house cleaning routine.

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